Our Products

With hot drink machines you only get out what you put in. You can have a top of the range machine, but if your service provider uses unbranded ingredients or cuts back on the gramme throws, your machine will not make a decent drink.

We believe in using premium quality, branded ingredients and we precisely weigh the ingredients that go in to every drink before any machine leaves our depot. No factory settings or leaving it to chance.

Even after a machine has been installed we collect feedback from our customers and make any small adjustments that may be required to personalise the machine to specific tastes.

Whether it's a beverage made from Lavazza fresh beans, a Gold Blend or Kenco instant coffee or a smooth and indulgent Galaxy Hot Chocolate, all our drinks are of the highest quality.

Also, we don't use old-style 'whiteners' or 'toppings' that leave a horrible taste in your mouth. We only use Gold Award winning Milfresh Milk, which is dried liquid milk with no added colours or preservatives. This helps to create an authentic tasting white tea or coffee and a delicious frothy latte, cappuccino or mocha.

In our snack and cold drink machines, we stock a wide range of top brands as well as many indulgent or healthy options. We also change the product range frequently to add a bit of variety so our customers stay interested in what's on offer in their machines.