Billi Quadra

The Quadra Plus boiling and chilled water system has the smallest under counter footprint of its kind in the world and is sometimes half the size of others systems on the market. So not only does the Billi save you space on the work surface, it also takes up less cupboard space too.

The Billi isn’t just space efficient, it’s energy efficient too. Billi’s unique energy reclaim system recovers waste heat energy generated by chilling water and reuses the energy to preheat the boiling water, thereby making a substantial energy saving. There is also a 7 day, 24 hour time switch to conserve power and a Standby Mode which conserves energy by powering down after periods of non use.

With its highly efficient heat cell technology the Billi Quadra Plus dispenses more cups of water instantly than any tap of its kind on the market. This allows Billi to deliver at peak periods of high demand better than any other system.

The Quadra Plus is unique in that it does not require cupboard ventilation or ventilation grilles and all systems come with an integrated safety switch enabling the safe dispense of boiling water on request. Water flow is also momentarily slowed as it first exits the dispenser, eliminating splashing as the water enters the cup.

Key Features

  • The most space efficient system available
  • More instant boiling/chilled water for less energy
  • Multiple health & safety features (incl. splash free delivery)
  • Stunning design and wide range of designer tap options
  • No cupboard ventilation required
  • Premium quality filtration systems


Height: 340mm Width: 315mm Depth: 465mm