Flavia Creation 400 (Refurbished)

This timeless table-top machine delivers the same quality ‘Freshpack’ experience as the latest Flavia models as well as proven reliability. The only difference is that refurbished machines are available at a heavily discounted purchase price or on very flexible commercial terms.

Freshpacks ensure that every drink is individually prepared, guaranteeing freshness and quality every time.

The range of drinks is extensive, from coffee shop quality coffees, to freshly brewed leaf tea, herbal infused tea or even luxury hot chocolate.

The machine is light and portable and comes with a tank-fill or plumbed in option, so can be moved from one area to another as required.

Key Features

  • Freshness sealed in to individual ‘Freshpacks’
  • Extensive range of products sourced from around the world
  • Simple to operate – no mess – no fuss
  • Unrivalled reliability
  • Tank or plumbed-in options


Height: 422mm Width: 252mm Depth: 517mm