Ideal for demanding sites that want an extensive range of snacks and cold drinks all in a single machine, the GPE MAX delivers capacity, versatility and reliability.

With a maximum 7 trays and 9 products per tray, the GPE MAX can vend up to 63 selections of crisps, confectionery, cakes, biscuits, cans and bottles, all from one machine.

Any combination of trays and selections is available, allowing you to bias the range of products to suit your site’s specific requirements, (e.g. 3 crisp 2 confectionery and 2 cold drink trays).

The machine is simple, user friendly and incredibly reliable. Thanks to a patented ‘spiral revolution’ system, (which allows the spiral to rotate beyond the conventional 360 degrees), products are much less likely to get stuck in the spiral. On the rare occasions that they might, an optical sensor allows the consumer to choose another selection or get their money back.


  • Wide selection of products from a single machine
  • Up to 7 trays and 63 selections can be configured to your specific requirements
  • Crisps, confectionery, cakes, biscuits, cans and bottles all in one machine
  • Simple, user-friendly and very reliable
  • ‘Spiral Revolution’ and ‘Optical Sensor’ technology
  • Debit and credit card reader options
  • Energy saving sensors available
  • LED’s illuminate product to maximum effect
  • Stunning machine in silver or black


Height 1830mm
Width 945mm
Depth 825mm