Karisma Fresh Milk

Who needs a barista when you can have a Karisma?

Designed for discerning customers who want only the finest quality fresh bean drinks made with fresh milk but with the minimum of fuss.

This user-friendly machine is suitable either for operation by your staff or by customers themselves. It really doesn’t matter as great coffee is just one touch away.

It also doesn’t matter how many customer you need to serve in peak hours as the Karisma produces the same consistent quality time after time. A great tasting, authentic Italian coffee experience every time.

You can also ‘have it your own way’, as drinks can be customised to satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Key Features

  • Sleek contemporary design
  • Simple, User-friendly operation
  • High speed and capacity with consistent drink quality
  • Touchscreen for promotional adverts
  • Extensive and customisable drinks menu
  • Movable nozzles for different cup sizes
  • Stylish accessories, (cup warmer and fridge)
  • Automatic and programmable cleaning cycles


Height: 750mm Width: 400mm Depth: 600mm