Mini Pod

This station is the perfect ‘mid-size’ choice for sites that want to provide a professional ‘coffee shop’ solution, but do not want allocate too much space.

The Mini POD offers the consumer a quick, easy and tidy self-service solution. They can choose the cup size they want, make the drink the way they like it and then take sugar, stirrers and lids from the condiment station.

Branded stations are often popular but the units can also be personalised to site or company specific requirements if preferred.

Key Features

  • All metal construction (except worktop)
  • Spring loaded cup & lid dispensers and waste disposal hole
  • Lockable cabinet doors
  • Lockable legs
  • Highest quality polycarbonate bespoke branding in gloss or matt finish
  • Other optional extras (e.g. L.E.D. lighting, LED displays)


Height: 2010mm Width: 1155mm Depth: 725mm