Crane Merchant Media 4

The Merchant Media 4 snack and cold drink machine has transformed the way consumers can make multiple transactions by using ‘shopping cart’ technology which has become increasingly familiar in other retail markets.

Merchant Media 4 features a 3.5″ colour LCD screen and a unique and user-friendly shopping cart which users can fill with multiple items before paying in one transaction.

Cash, debit and credit card systems can also be used to further enhance and simplify the shopping experience.

The screen can also display nutritional information, advertisements and promotions.

Key Features

  • ‘Shopping Cart’ technology for multiple purchases
  • User-friendly touch screen display
  • Debit & credit card payment options
  • ‘Surevend’ guaranteed product delivery
  • Class leading AA+ energy efficiency rating
  • Multiple language options
  • Product library and nutritional information for up to 200 products
  • Dual temperature areas for chilled food, can and bottle slections


Height: 1830mm Width: 895mm Depth: 810mm