The Cali is a simple and user-friendly machine which combines excellent drink quality with proven reliability, (even in the highest throughput sites).

The stylish yet robust design features smartphone ‘App’ style icons which consumers can use to personalise their drinks by changing the strength, milkiness and sweetness of any selection.
The modern and intuitive touch screen gives access to a wide range of drinks from instant and fresh bean coffees, (including many decaff. options), through to hot chocolate and fresh leaf teas.

Key Features

  • Intuitive user interface that is simple to use
  • Ability to personalise drinks to consumer’s specific taste
  • MyCode feature assigns a personalised 4 digit code for future usage
  • Highly visible icons with a smartphone look to attract and engage consumers
  • Stylish yet robust design
  • High cup capacity, (up to 800 cups)
  • Proven reliability makes Cali ideal for high usage sites


Height: 1830mm Width: 700mm Depth: 790mm